Letterpress digital services and materials


Photopolymer platemaking: The Bieler Press has provided photopolymer platemaking to the contemporary studio letterpress community since 1995. Offered are professionally processed premium-grade plates for today’s popular bases with rapid turn-around. For further details go to Photopolymer Platemaking Service.

Bunting magnetic bases: The Bieler Press is a manufacturing representative and distributor of the industry standard Bunting Magnetic Cerface™ Flat Base for Bunting Magnetics Co. The crème de la crème. Available: MB-811s ground for .038 thick plate.

Monograph on photopolymer platemaking and letterpress printing with digital type: The Bieler Press was the publisher of Printing digital type on the hand-operated flatbed cylinder press, the seminal manual on letterpress printing with the photopolymer plate process (first published in 1998, it went through four print editions; a fifth edition is forthcoming from Chatwin Books). Copies of some earlier editions are still available.