Letterpress Instruction, 2014, Art Center

Contemporary Studio Letterpress
Art Center College of Design, Archetype Press, South Campus.
950 South Raymond Avenue, Pasadena. California.
A Public Programs course sponsored by Art Center at Night.
[Offered by Gerald Lange at Art Center since 2002]. 

Spring. 14 weeks. Tuesday evenings, 7–10.
January 14–April 15. [completed]

Summer. 14 weeks. Tuesday evenings, 7–10.
May 13–August 12. [current]

—Fall. 14 weeks. Tuesday evenings, 7–10.
September 9–December 9. [forthcoming]

An online group site, Subiaco, serves as a referential component for instructional venues taught by Gerald Lange. Currently enrolled students should sign up for membership as the site contains syllabi, handouts, recommended textbook listings, posted announcements, and other resources, including equipment and materials for sale.